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Revolutionize Your School Management with Our Web-Based Software: Empower Admins and Students, Customize Exams, Manage Students Efficiently, and Ensure Dynamic Test Experiences
– Your All-in-One Solution for Educational Excellence!

Web Based Software

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School Management Software (Web Based)

School Management is all in one solution for educational institutes with different types of users.


Admin Login and Student Login:

  • Admin and Student login interfaces for separate user access.

Exam Creation and Customization:

  • Create exams with customizable settings including exam center, duration, date, and start time.

Student Management:

  • Ability to manage students and assign unique roll numbers to each student.

Exam Organization:

  • Create an unlimited number of exams and categorize them as completed, recent, upcoming, or ongoing.

Objective Questions:

  • Add objective questions to exams with options.
  • Specify correct option(s) for each objective question.
  • Define maximum marks for each objective question.
  • Implement negative marking for incorrect answers.

Multiple Correct Answers:

  • Support multiple correct answers for a single objective question.

Subjective Questions:

  • Include subjective questions where students enter their answers in a textarea.

Question Organization:

  • Organize questions into subjects or topics.
  • Set the order of subjects and questions within exams.

Custom Question Order:

  • Allow customization of the order of questions for each student, ensuring unique test experiences.

Question Navigation:

  • Provide question navigation features, enabling students to move between questions during the exam.
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