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Simplify exams with secure Admin and Student logins, customizable settings, easy question navigation, and efficient management.
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Online Exam Software (Web Based)
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Admin Login and Student Login:

  1. Admin Login:

    • Secure login with username and password.
    • Dashboard for administrative functions.
  2. Student Login:

    • Secure login with student credentials.
    • Dashboard for accessing exams and exam-related information.

Exam Creation and Management: 3. Create Exams:

  • Customize exam settings, including exam center, duration, date, and start time.
  • Assign a unique exam code or name.
  1. Student Management:

    • Manage student records, including personal information.
    • Assign unique roll numbers to each student.
  2. Exam Categorization:

    • Categorize exams as “completed,” “recent,” “upcoming,” or “ongoing” for easy tracking.

Question Creation and Configuration: 6. Objective Questions:

  • Create objective questions with customizable options.
  • Set correct option(s), maximum marks, and negative marking if applicable.
  1. Multiple Choice Options:

    • Add any number of options for each objective question.
    • Specify the correct answer among the options.
  2. Support for Multiple Correct Answers:

    • Allow the possibility of multiple correct answers for a single objective question.
  3. Subjective Questions:

    • Include subjective questions where students can enter their answers in a textarea.

Question Organization: 10. Subject Organization: – Organize questions into subjects or topics for better categorization.

  1. Customizable Question Order:

    • Set the order of subjects and questions within each exam.
  2. Individualized Question Order:

    • Allow customization of the question order for each student based on preferences or requirements.

Exam Navigation: 13. Question Navigation: – Provide an intuitive question navigation system for students to move between questions easily. – Include features like “Next,” “Previous,” and the ability to jump to specific questions.

These features will help streamline the administration and management of exams, making the process more efficient for both administrators and students.

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